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Water Restoration Made Simple

Helping Repair Water Damage in Greenville

Water damage of all types can have a devastating effect on homes in Greenville and the surrounding area. Burst pipes, overflowing appliances and flooding from artificial or natural sources can cause irreparable damage to floors, walls, furnishings and appliances, as well as making the home uninhabitable due to mold growth that thrives in damp conditions. Quick action is required when experiencing any type of water damage – minimizing the amount of time that water stands still is key.

Left untreated, water damage can cause:

  1. Breeding of unseen bacteria
  2. Harmful toxins that pose a significant risk to human health
  3. Growth and spread of mold
  4. Odors and airborne contaminants
  5. Damage to structural integrity of your home or business
  6. Weakening and rotting of wood structures

bioPURE is the premier provider of water mitigation services, offering a comprehensive set of solutions to help you repair any water damage sustained. With professionally-trained technicians who specialize in quick response times, bioPURE will get your property back up and running.

Get back to normal with bioPURE

Professional Water Damage Restoration Service in Greenville

Water Restoration Services

Water Restoration Services for Your Home or Business

Water can be an incredibly destructive force, causing extensive damage to your home or property in a short amount of time. Left unchecked and unaddressed, it can also lead to hazardous mold growth and health issues for occupants.


Client Feedback

  • After we had a leak in the upstairs bathroom, causing a hole in the ceiling,  we called our insurance and they started us with fans to dry us out.  The first people that came we had to fire. Then we contracted with bioPURE Services. Can’t say enough good things about them. They were on time ,professional, and made sure we knew the whole process of getting our ceiling and floors fixed.  I would recommend Forest and his team to anyone

    Bonnie, Neely Farm
  • As a property manager, I've dealt with my fair share of water damage situations over the years. That being said, bioPURE Upstate Water Damage Restoration is by far the best in the business. Their timely response, attention to detail, and professionalism made all the difference when restoring a property that had suffered extensive water damage. They were in constant communication throughout the process, ensuring residents knew what to expect and when. I trust their expert team with any future restoration needs that may arise.

    Mike Davis
  • When our basement flooded due to a burst pipe, we called bioPURE Upstate Water Damage Restoration immediately. Their team arrived promptly and began the process right away. They expertly handled every aspect of the damage from water extraction, drying, and dehumidifying to cleaning and sanitizing our belongings. Communication throughout the process was top-notch, and their use of advanced equipment helped to restore our basement to its original state. We're extremely grateful for their professionalism and dedication to their work.

    John Paddock
  • I can't even begin to express how happy I am with the service provided by bioPURE Upstate Water Damage Restoration. When my apartment suffered severe water damage, they were able to respond quickly, assess the situation, and start work right away. They paid great attention to detail throughout the restoration process, and their constant communication gave me peace of mind during such a stressful time. The team was incredibly professional, and I would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with water damage.

    Emily Stevens
  • After a heavy rainfall, my wife and I discovered water damage in our attic. BioPURE Upstate Water Damage Restoration was instrumental in solving the issue, thoroughly drying out the area, and repairing the damage. They used state-of-the-art equipment and ensured our belongings were safely stored and protected during the restoration process. We were continually informed about the progress and their attention to detail was unmatched. BioPURE Upstate Water Damage Restoration exceeded our expectations and I would gladly recommend them to family and friends.

    Greg Johnson


    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Water damage is often cause by no fault of your own, but rather factors such as severe weather, flooding, faulty appliances, burst pipes, and additional causes. bioPURE utilizes our innovative solutions for healthier environments with our specialized water restoration process that works to help reduce downtime while providing an efficient and timely response to water damage concerns.

    Aside from obvious visual indicators such as flooding, there may be other causes for concern that water damage may be present in your home or business. The formation and spread of mold and bacteria at your property can have several adverse health impacts that if left untreated, can cause serious harm to your well-being.

    Working with your insurance provider to maximize your coverage for water damage can be a complicated process. Fortunately, calling a professional water restoration services team like bioPURE is one way you can streamline the process and ensure that all of your due diligence has been done correctly. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff in Greenville will not only talk you through the entire process, but they'll also work with your insurer on your behalf to make sure that you get the best results possible from the experience.

    The longer water damage remains untreated, the further it spreads, causing more damage and increasing the chances of harm to occupants. That is why prompt water restoration is so important – it is the key to not just restoring a building and its contents to their pre-loss condition, but to also protecting those within from risk. To successfully restore a property after water intrusion, an accurate diagnosis must be done to correctly identify, remove and treat each element that has been damaged by water. Through swift action and our professional water restoration services in Greenville and surrounding areas, individuals can take back control of their lives with the assurance of returning their space to its original state before the damage was incurred.

    bioPURE is available to respond to your water damage emergency in Greenville and surrounding areas. Call 864.246.7873 to reach a certified expert who can help you begin the water damage restoration service process.

    Water restoration and water damage mitigation are both critical processes for preserving the integrity of your home or business. Water mitigation works to reduce or prevent the amount of damage caused by a water event such as flooding. On the other hand, water damage restoration focuses on repairing any existing damage that has occurred due to the event. Both help to protect your property from further damage and support a safe and secure environment for all those involved.

    Ultimately, your insurance company will determine the coverage for your loss. But as the policyholder, you can do your part by validating you did your due diligence by calling a professional water damage restoration company such as bioPURE. Our knowledge and experience makes us qualified to not only walk you through the process but also work with your insurance company on your behalf to achieve the best possible results.